What size shirt should I get?

Alright look, we don't do a size chart. Look at the tag of the shirt you are wearing right now–is it too big or does it fit just right? If you don't know what size you are, figure it out or call your mom first. These are T-shirts, not that hard to figure out. We don't mean to piss people off (well sometimes) but hey it's a T-SHIRT not a $900 suit.

Our tees are 100% cotton, they will shrink a little. We only print on the best T-shirts you can get. Most shirts are Fruit of the Loom (Lofteez), sometimes we use Gildan which is also a great shirt.

If you are unsure call (612) 961-4756, we'll help out. The shirts we use may change but be assured we use the best stuff we can find.

User Manuals

User manuals for Cafe-Danger products. For other questions or concerns please contact Customer Service at (612) 961-4756.

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